Yoga breaks


Yoga breaks

A yoga break is time for you, with or without companions.

Imagine yourself in beautiful, natural surroundings, away from it all (but not too far!), with a friend, a loved one, a group, or just you; in peaceful retreat accommodation with all that you need to let go of any stresses, tensions, problems or negative patterns; plenty of input but enough time to yourself; time to give yourself the opportunity to start a yoga practice, or to restart, or to deepen your existing practice; a chance to do something of real value to improve your general well-being, your body, your self-image, your mind and, what is more, to make spiritual progress; to make more space for all that is positive, to re-energize and to find balance.

How does it work?
Everything is flexible and the break can be structured around your needs and wishes. Pick-up from the airport or the SNCF station can be arranged. On arrival, you will be welcomed to your retreat accommodation and we will go over your needs together so that we can best plan your break.
The idea is to ensure a balanced programme with enough relaxation time between sessions to allow full assimilation of the benefits of your practice.

At Loustalot, a property of 3 hectares in Jurançon, near Pau-Pyrenees, South-West France. In the foothills of the Pyrenees, not far from Lourdes. Nearest airports are Pau-Pyrénées, Lourdes, Biarritz and Toulouse.
Accommodation is in the lovely Barn Apartment in the first barn at Loustalot, very close to the second barn housing the Dharma Room where the yoga and meditation sessions take place.

How many people?
These yoga breaks are exclusive, usually for between 1 and 4 people. Please contact us if you have a larger group interested and we may be able to arrange additional quality accommodation.

Usually from 3 or 4 nights up to 2 weeks any time during the year. In July and August we accept bookings for a minimum of one week.

Yoga breaks are suitable for any age, for individuals, couples, families, groups of friends or colleagues. They are excellent for helping to build or renew relationships of any sort.
A yoga break is for anyone at any stage on their journey with yoga, from complete beginners to advanced practitioners. The reasonable pricing makes them accessible to as many people as possible.

How much?
Please see prices. Prices include your accommodation and servicing. Yoga and meditation sessions are additional and depend on the number of sessions. Please see the Yogananda Association website for full details. You can request breakfast, organic vegetarian meals or a shopping service. Healing is also available on site.

What next?
Give us a call or email us with any questions or to check availability. We look forward to welcoming you here for your YOGA BREAK. Jacqueline and Anthony