Où sommes-nous?

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Google Streetmaps : Chemin de Loustalot est ici.

In the south-west of France ...

...ten minutes or so from the centre of Pau








How to get to us

Saragosse signs are now the ones to follow, ignoring all tempting ones to Jurancon or the Coteaux de Jurancon.

You will come to a big roundabout where the rocade goes to the left and Saragosse takes you right - down a long straight tree-lined road (N134/E7) with houses on both sides. You are 5 minutes away.

After 1km or so you will pass through some traffic lights - go straight on. The next on the right is Chemin de Loustalot; first there is a big Wickes-like place on the left, then - on the right - blue and white signs for a bus-stop and zebra crossing and a red sign for Ets Bidart.

Turn right, pause, and head for the hillside - as if going to Bidart's 'parking'. You will see there is a narrow lane behind Bidart leading to the left. Follow it along between fields and then sharply right uphill. We are the first house on the left, white with green shutters and the gate is between white walls. You're there!