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Verbs: Auxiliary & Normal

There are 2 groups of verbs: Auxiliary and Normal.  They make questions and negatives in different ways.  For example
to be
I am
Am I?
I'm not
to work
I work
Do I work?
I don't work

Auxiliary Verbs

There are 2 groups of Auxiliary Verb:
Auxiliary Verbs
Modal Auxiliary Verbs
to be
to do
to have
have (got) to
ought to
(need; dare)

Normal Verbs

There are 2 groups of Normal Verbs:
to work
to love
to want
... etc
to go
to get
to put
... etc  (Also: to do, to have)

Parts of the Verbs

Verbs have different parts so that you can talk about different people (conjugations)
I go, you go, he goes...
and different times (tenses)
I go, I am going, I went

How do I begin?

You must study 2 things:
1. The FORMS of the verbs: Conjugations and Irregular Verbs, and
2. The SITUATIONS when you use the different forms: Tenses.







to do; to have


These verbs can also be normal verbs:

What do you do? (=What is your job?)
Did you do your homework?

Do you have tea or coffee for breakfast?
Did you have a good weekend?

OK Have