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Do you have difficulty understanding?

If you cannot understand when people speak to you, it is possibly because of

Words that you don't know or
Changes in words that you know.

Click and study the different links below; then visit AudioText.

Words that you don't know: Phrasal Verbs ,
General and Business Idioms,
Sentence fillers,
Discourse markers,
Jargon / slang / vogue words
Changes in words that you know: Unstressed forms,
Link up,
Lost letters,
Changed letters,







The speaker will always stress the important, different or new words in a sentence so these words will be easy (easier!) to hear than the others. So, if you cannot hear the words easily they probably aren't important, so don't worry. Also: do not expect to hear every word spoken (also in your own language you do not do this.) Normally the situation, the character of the speaker, their expression, tone of voice, what they are looking at, what you are talking about, will all give you a good idea of what they are saying.