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  Who is it for?

You - if you want to feel better, think more clearly and have more energy
You - if you want to lose weight
You - if you want to prevent, arrest or reverse chronic degenerative disease, including cancer *
Your children, parents and friends

What happens?
For the period you have chosen, if you are hungry you have a juice, and if you are thirsty you have a juice.  It’s that simple.
The juices are made from organic vegetables and fruit, and must be drunk within minutes of preparation.  You cannot buy juice like this in shops and you cannot make it with a centrifugal juicer.  For this reason either we move into your kitchen by the day, or you come to us in Jurançon by the day or week, or we rent you a juicer, set you up with instructions and a starter pack and leave you to it!

What happens next?
Generally a feeling of clarity arrives first. You may feel a little empty (but not hungry) and what you miss most are the habits: coffee with the newspaper, tea at a certain time, and so on. But it’s only for a few days, and you have all the time you normally spend shopping, cooking, eating and washing up to focus on how well you feel.  We also offer DVDs to watch, sessions of Hatha Yoga, and one-off instruction in a Meditation practice to complement the program.

And then?
You begin to notice the benefits, both mental and physical, that go with the treat you are giving your body.  And to think how to prolong the benefits after the end of the program. (We offer Keep the Benefits coaching and support.)


The rationale

The Juice Feast provides an introduction to how you could feel and be all the time, and gives you a flying start. Most of us are over-fed but under-nourished because we are eating not food, but food-like products. These products are designed to look good, to taste good, to last a good time on the supermarket shelves and to make a good profit for the maker. Often these products are fortified with some element or have added vitamins - that go nowhere towards replacing the nutrients lost in the processing. In addition to being devoid of nutrients, processed food and conventionally grown produce has toxins added to it – to lengthen its shelf life, to make it taste better or to kill bugs. So, much of what we eat is without nutrients and has toxic ingredients or additives.
The Juice Feast remedies the deficiency and removes the toxicity. It gives your body the nutrients which it desperately needs in large quantities and in an easily digestible form.
At the same time you are avoiding toxins of all kinds – and we spread the net fairly wide.
At the same time as resulting in clarity, weight loss and healing, this combination often eliminates all cravings, including tobacco, and can reduce behavioural problems resulting from malnutrition (sic) and toxicity.

How do you think your body will react to this treatment?

It’s looking forward to it already!



How long for?

3 Day Feel Better or Trial program
7 Day Lose weight program
14 Day Begin Healing program

How much does it cost?
(This will completely replace your normal expenditure on food and drink for the period as well as freeing up a lot of your time)

At your house in and around Pau
Per day 119 € including juicing, produce for juicing, loan of DVDs, and coaching to Keep the Benefits. (Further afield 10 €/hour; per day pro rata)

At Ferme Loustalot in Jurançon
3 days - daily 399 € for apartment rental for three days' (8am-6pm), juicing, produce for juicing, loan of DVDs, and coaching to Keep the Benefits.
7 days 1249 € for apartment rental for seven days, full juicing, produce for juicing, loan of DVDs, and coaching to Keep the Benefits.

Set-up and Leave + Juicer rental

49 €/day + first day's produce

Completely DIY

49 € includes three coaching and practical sessions on how to do it yourself
Optional complements to the programs include Detox Coaching, Hatha Yoga, Meditation, Relaxation, and Counselling
Cheques payable to EFE Ltd

The best way to nourish your body’s 100 trillion cells is with juice made from organic vegetables and fruits.
“I wasn’t hungry all afternoon and that juice was all I had for lunch!”
“I think that one juice was more nourishing than the entire Chinese meal we had yesterday.”
 “If in doubt, try nutrition first.”
“You don't have to go to Africa to see malnutrition – just look around you.”
“Prima non nocere.”

* The Begin Healing program can be used to treat a wide range of conditions – contact us to check details.
With grateful acknowledgements to Dr T Colin Campbell and Dr Max Gerson


Residential Programs

The residential program at Loustalot includes accommodation in the Barn Apartment which is registered with Gites de France. You can see full details here.

Whatever program you choose, you can add optional complementary sessions of Hatha Yoga, Meditation, or Counselling as well as coaching in the full Heptagon Life Detox program.

Anthony Withers
05 59 06 47 33 - 06 22 57 13 05



More rationale

Anything which isn't going right - your weight, your concentration, your blood pressure, your general well-being, your migraines, etc may have a nutritional link - either because of a deficiency on some level, or because of some toxicity in what you consume or in your environment..
The situation is complex because:

1.There is often a time delay between exposure to the causative agent and your physical or mental response.
2. There are so many different elements that can contribute to the problem
3. There are multiple consumption routes: a chemical present in your sweetener at breakfast, your biscuit at coffee time, your pizza or pudding at lunch, and so on
4. Elements interact or are mutually reinforcing: the air in the aircraft cabin reinforcing the effects of certain types of light bulbs in your home for example
5. We are brought up and reminded that certain elements are OK to consume, or necessary or even vital to one's health. Products of course are often portrayed as cool.
6. The way allergies work, your favourite element could be the one causing the problem
7. The results of the elements are cloaked by old age: you think it is normal to have certain problems after a certain age, and even to have a certain life expectancy.

The Juice Feast is linked to and is a good jumping off point for the Heptagon Life Detox program which addresses precisely this complexity. A number of elements of the complete detox will be introduced to you during the Juice Feast.