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What is an Irregular Verb?

You can see a list of Irregular Verbs.

The different parts of the verb cannot be made with '-ed' like Regular Verbs, and you must learn these forms.

How can I learn Irregular Verbs?

To learn: DO NOT repeat 'begin-began-begun' etc...!

The best method is to connect the part of the verb with an expression of time - for example 'Every day I begin -Yesterday I began - Today I have begun'
The Irregular Verb module helps you: it gives you a different expression of time and a different person for every example.  This will help you to remember the correct form when you are speaking in real life.

How do I begin?

1. Start with Group One: this has the most important verbs when you begin to study.

2. Use 'Learn' and 'Test Translate' to check the meaning of the verbs. (Some verbs have two or three possible different translations.)

3. Use 'Test Simple Past' and 'Test Present Perfect' when you are ready.
(At the same time check the different forms and uses of the Simple Past and the Present Perfect.)
Good luck!

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