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A wide variety of courses!

Learn useful stuff. Understand the world. Become the best possible version of yourself. Full details here.

Our own unique hypertext English language study software - available for purchase, and included in personal course material and for Skype courses. Full details here.

The perfect addition to any course - almost an hour of Spoken English to copy and imitate to boost your spoken English or just for transforming your comprehension of everyday English.

An intensive course via Skype - or just your questions answered - without leaving your home or office. A cost-effective training solution, including emailed documents and course tasks as well as EFE's own self-study software.


When quality and rapid results are the criteria - a residential course in an exclusive and superb environment in the centre of London

A full immersion course in independant accommodation with an English family - or staying at a unique, nearby English bed-and-breakfast - in the foothills of the Pyrenees

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English For Executives: Established in 1966

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The software runs on any computer and with Internet Explorer and Opera - you have everything you see here PLUS much more on your own computer!

Not all pages of the software web are here on the Internet - the reason is clear! But you can see how easy it is to use and how it helps you to understand and remember English Verbs...

An example of the cartoon
A unique and fun method of improving your English...

The Control Screen
Full software covering all aspects of grammar and vocabulary...

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