Les Retraites de Ressourcement


Healing breaks and retreats

We are delighted to welcome guests here for healing breaks and retreats. These are aimed at anyone, usually individuals but sometimes couples or friends, who would like to give themselves some precious time out to replenish their energies. They are suitable for you if you are going through a challenging time, if you are recovering from a stressful experience, if you are low in any way, or simply if you would like to take a break. In other words a healing break can be curative, preventative or both.

How does it work?
The breaks are very flexible in terms of structure and length. They usually run for a minimum of 3-4 nights, up to several weeks. We will discuss your individual needs and preferences when arranging your break or retreat.Accommodation is in The Barn Apartment. You will have exclusive use of the apartment where you will find everything ready for you, from your towels and linen to refreshments. We will happily shop for your provisions for a small supplement and if you would like to have vegetarian lunch and supper then please speak with us at the time of booking.

The environment here is healing in itself but you can choose also to receive Pure Spiritual Healing to enhance the healing process. Alternatively or as well as this, you can learn Hatha Yoga and Pure Meditative Peace, and have sessions in personal Energy Care. All sessions are given personally by Jacqueline or Anthony. Any sessions you have and any other visits you plan will be timetabled into your stay. The rest of your time will be your own to enjoy the surroundings, walk in the woods, wander up the lane to enjoy the mountains and vineyards, read, relax and nourish yourself on all levels.

Cost and Booking
Cost will vary depending on the length of your stay (please see prices) and your individual requirements so please enquire for exact costing (send us a mail or call us). Sessions are in addition, please see Yogananda Association website for details. Options include juices, meals, airport transfers and shopping service. Special offers apply at certain times so please check with us. Please call or email us with your possible dates and we will give you the availability. We will then hold your chosen dates for an agreed period whilst you book your flights. CALL 0033+559064733 (Jacqueline and Anthony)
E-MAIL edgar.jacqueline@gmail.com