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English for Executives

for business, professional and othe serious students of English
Established 1966 Registered no. 906501 England

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Because all teachers are equal, but some are more equal than others

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Your Contact Option

Details of Option: Duration, Content, Cost, Conditions

Trial Session

1 session of 15 minutes @ 9.

If it is your first contact with EFE, the first session must be a trial session. This lasts 15 minutes and will involve a quick look at your language test and details, for you - and us - to decide if further contact will be productive. We will give you the correct answers to the test (by email if necessary) an estimation of your level, and recommendations for your contact with us or other study.


2 half-hour sessions per day for 5 days, or
5 half-hour sessions per day for 2 days. Cost 27 per half hour session.
During the first session, you will go through the Language Test and Personal Information to establish your exact level, precise needs and aptitude. Includes TutorScreens


Rapid build

4 half-hour sessions per week for
4 weeks. Cost 27 per half hour session.

Includes TutorScreens

Level maintenance

1 half-hour session per week over an
extended period. Cost 27 per half hour session.

Includes TutorScreens


Quick Question

Grammar, vocabulary, pronuciation, meaning... no holds barred! 1 session of 15 minutes @ 9.

Guided self-study

Your own personal copy of English TutorScreens - General or Business


Documents and presentations

Working together on your documents - emailed beforehand - and re-formulating where necessary. If it is an important presentation we suggest involving us earlier rather than later in the preparation process.
Prices on application.

Getting a job

Coaching throughout the entire process including job search, when and if to prepare a CV, interview preparation. Includes TutorScreens
Prices on application.

We can also provide a residential course and advise on study options in the UK.


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English For Executives: Established in 1966

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