Animal Healing


Animal healing is the best thing you could possibly offer your animal. Any animal can benefit from it, even an ant.

Animal healing is when the animal can really relax and forget. I think it is much easier on animals than on people, because animals don't remember and they don't feel pain the way we do. We always remind ourselves how much it hurts and feel sorry for ourselves, whereas animals just think for a second "Oh, that's a bit sore!" and then they carry on playing.

I chose animals because of this, but also because I love them so much. They are so friendly and forgiving and they don't complain about life, or their aches and pains. My mother does healing for people, so if you would like to have some healing yourself, you can find her here.

Animal healing can help an animal with its health or wounds, but also with getting rid of their bad habits, such as barking, jumping or biting with dogs. It can also help them to pass away because they are so relaxed and are surrounded in light so they know they can. This will only happen though if the time is right and it is meant to be.

After healing it is important not to feed the animal or give it a lot of exercise for a few hours, because all the healing goes to digesting or running which is not good, it needs time to go to the parts of the animal that re most in need.

I am willing to heal all animals whose owners want it. Goldfish can react very strangely to healing by floating on the surface of the water. Animal healing can also be done from a distance which is called "Hands off" healing. The animal will receive it as if I am next to it and touching it so if I were ever to heal a wild animal, that is what I would do, unless it was a deer or rabbit which was willing to let me touch it.



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My name is Imogen